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A “Battleground” Agency

Vantage.Blue is a complete campaign consulting agency, focused on providing print and digital marketing solutions, fundraising planning and resources, as well as messaging and public relations services for rural Democrats, looking for an edge in difficult battleground races. Running in the red? We can help you turn your region Vantage.Blue.

Comprehensive Campaign Services


Raising money for a campaign is challenging for everyone. Vantage.Blue will develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy to boost your totals, and put you in a position to be competitive in any race.


Campaign time is limited, every interaction needs to be professional and impactful. Vantage.Blue will help you make the most of those interactions by providing a stellar “brand” image that’s positive and memorable.

Platform Dev

Our agency has years of experience running campaigns and instructing candidates on messaging, especially in rural areas where finding the right tone is difficult. Let us help you find a platform message that works!

Public Relations

Be smart and nimble with your communications so it makes a real impact. Vantage.Blue has experience publishing punchy, crisp communications that get picked up by the media and amplify your voice.

Print Advertising

With over 20 years experience in print advertising, Vantage.Blue can provide an immediate impact on the quality of your print communications. Whether mail, fundraising, handout, or advertisement, you need to look sharp and have your message clear.

Digital Marketing

Don’t let your message get lost in the sea of information online. Vantage.Blue has 15+ years experience developing websites, banner ads, and other online interfaces. We make sure your online messages and imagery shine.

Social Media

Vantage.Blue has built social media profiles that go from zero to thousands of followers in a matter of days. We’ll bring that knowledge (and the latest tricks of the trade) to blow up your social media profiles and help you go beyond “viral” to “radioactive”.

Email Marketing

We’ve spent years in the private sector developing branded email marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar companies (that sell). Now, we want to utilize our skills and experience to lift your email campaign communications to a whole new level.

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