About Us

A full service political consulting agency built to support rural Democratic campaigns.

Vantage Advertising, LLC, located in Warren County, Pennsylvania, is an advertising and marketing agency founded by Jeff Eggleston in 2010 and has grown rapidly to provide print and web advertising solutions to small and large businesses in Northwestern Pennsylvania (including Blair CorporationBetts Industries, Pennsylvania General Energy, and Crescent Beer).

Mr. Eggleston, a lifelong Democrat, has become heavily involved in politics, first by becoming Warren County’s Democratic State Committee member, followed by winning a seat as County Commissioner. As a State Committee Member, Mr. Eggleston has helped create the Rural Caucus of the PA Democratic Party and became its Treasurer. He has assisted numerous campaigns, committees, and county parties to raise tens of thousands of dollars through events and direct mail fundraising. In 2017 he recruited candidates, managed three different campaigns and helped elect the first Democratic majority on Warren City Council in many decades.

While working in these capacities, on behalf of Rural Democrats struggling to find a voice and a method for success, it became clear to Mr. Eggleston that rural Democrats need campaign resources, training, and professional strategies to be successful long-term. Mr. Eggleston started an offshoot subsidiary of his advertising agency called Vantage.Blue, built specifically to help Democrats build professional campaigns, with high-quality media and fundraising options, at affordable prices.

Vantage.Blue will work closely with your campaign to help “build you up” and provide you with proven methods for success. Step-by-step, we’ll assist you through the entire campaign process, from fundraising to creating a campaign plan, to GOTV messaging and media planning. We’ll be your partners, right up to election day and beyond. We want you to win and a part of the next generation of Democratic leaders in government. For us, this isn’t just business, it’s about affecting real, positive change. That’s something you can also count on, a commitment to winning.