Campaign growth only happens when you raise cash.

One of the most challenging aspects of campaigning is fundraising, and yet in this day-and-age, it is also the most important. Vantage.Blue has experience fundraising for State Representative campaigns, Commissioner campaigns, City Council, and many others including PACs that support waves of Democrats. Our direct mail and internet operations will open new channels of fundraising and give your campaign more tools to work with (in the form of campaign cash) to help get your message out as the election progresses.


Vantage.Blue will work with your committee to develop a detailed fundraising plan and produce projections of what the campaign should receive based on trends and historic data. Vantage.Blue’s strategy involves building your fundraising strategy and reinvesting in your campaign the same way you would your own business. Good campaigning involves building your presence up, brick by brick and peaking as election day closes. A good fundraising plan will do the same. That includes planning for direct mail shipments as well as internet content and email blasts to supplement the fundraising.

Direct Mail Fundraising

With over two decades of design and marketing experience, Vantage.Blue will not only make you look fantastic in print but will work with you on proper messaging to make you sound great in print. From initial planning, list development, photography and design, to printing and packaging, and final delivery to the donors, Vantage.Blue will take care of every aspect of production for your campaign, making direct mail fundraising easy and fun…but most of all, effective!

Internet Fundraising

Do you want what Obama had? Do you want a robust internet presence and fundraising apparatus? Done. Vantage.Blue specializes in internet advertising and marketing for multi-million-dollar brands and we want to bring that wealth of experience to bear on your campaign. With over 15 years’ experience in email marketing, Vantage will have you pumping out great looking and effective campaign emails in no time. We’ll develop contact lists and comprehensive campaigns to pull down every dollar to help you win.