Public Relations

Amp up your communications with local media outlets.

Vantage.Blue Public RelationsOnce the campaign gets moving, you’ll want to keep it moving. Stopping to write-up a press release or write a post on your blog or news section is cumbersome. You can turn some of that work over to us and we’ll handle your communications with the media. Good communication with the media and community organizations is vital to maintaining a positive public image. This is also another way to generate tons of free attention. Don’t leave eyeballs on the table (to coin a phrase). We’ll help keep everyone engaged. This service may include:

  • Drafting campaign announcements and new releases.
  • Communicating with media outlets and lobbying for attention.
  • Generating letters, emails, and other communications with local organizations.
  • Writing talking points for local officials and surrogates.
  • Managing web content and messaging.